Un déjeuner autrement à Paris – Another way of having lunch in Paris

Le restaurant rue Antoine Vollon (75012) est fermé mais retrouvez Miss Lunch sur son stand Babbaluscio du marché Beauvau / Aligre !

Lunch in the Loft

The concept: In the Fall of 2008, Miss Lunch created Lunch in the Loft, based on the model of “Pop-up” restaurants in New York, at the time unknown in Paris.

A Lunch in the Loft menu is comprised of five or six dishes paired with three or four wines. The table seats between eight and sixteen.
Guests meet for the first time around Miss Lunch‘s table, conversing over her creations, from subtle to spectacular. Lunch in the Loft is held once or twice a month, starting at 1 p.m. sharp and usually ending around 5 p.m..

The Lunch is not a marketing stunt conceived for a trendy, go-everywhere crowd – though all are welcome! The basic ingredients: Miss Lunch’s desire to explore her ongoing culinary adventures and share her insatiable enthusiasm.
The Lunch adventure is punctuated with awakenings (and re-awakenings) of taste sensations, bold or classic, some forgotten or fallen out of favour in today’s cuisine. Amazing spice combinations rouse slumbering taste buds with a dash of art and mischief, the unmistakable Miss Lunch signature.

Guests who sign up for Lunch in the Loft are curious and bold. Some have had more than their fair share of desperately expensive and mediocre restaurant meals, others are drawn by the prospect of new experience and acquaintances in the Lunch’s congenial, one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

Four years after its creation, Lunch in the Loft now invites you to discover a new address, Chez PPP, in the heart of the Bastille area in Paris. Here, the Lunch continues in a similar vein, once a month on Sundays.
In October 2012, a magnificent, lavishly illustrated (drawings and photos and 100 recipes) cookbook companion to Lunch in the Loft was launched by Editions Solar, Paris.

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