Un déjeuner autrement à Paris – Another way of having lunch in Paris

Miss Lunch in Le Fooding 2014 - Un nouveau menu chaque semaine - A new menu every week

Guide Fooding 2013 & 2014

Miss Lunch is listed in the very select restaurant Guide Fooding 2014, for the second year! In 2013, she was selected after just a few months existance of culinary residency in the PPP boutique (75012) that was redesigned into a kitchen by Olivier Baussan, creator of Première Pression Provence.

Miss Lunch @PPP in the Guide, from a short selection of restaurants in the XIIe arrondissement.

Miss Lunch specially loves the English note :
“Lunch only, folks, with the multicultural wonder-woman who cooks organic market produce with a microwave. Good wines by the glass. P.S. She teaches cooking, too!!!”

Miss Lunch dans le Fooding 2013

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