Un déjeuner autrement à Paris – Another way of having lunch in Paris

Le restaurant rue Antoine Vollon (75012) est fermé mais retrouvez Miss Lunch sur son stand Babbaluscio du marché Beauvau / Aligre !

Chez Miss Lunch – Concept

From March 2012, Miss Lunch is “lunching” herself into an adventure that should delight more than one curious palet and more than one curious gourmet palet. She has took her pots, her knives, pans and little secrets for going public! Finished for now is the clandestinity! From Lunch in the Loft we’ll pass onto Lunch in the Square. Miss Lunch has engulfed  the 3 rue Antoine Vollon, Paris.

Banked on the sidewalk, two secs from the Aligre market, in a grand and open space that looks onto the budding of trees and the shouts and cries of playful kiddies. It is possible to have a good lunch almost every day, to take cooking classes with Miss Lunch and, if one prefers, come over in the morning and watch her cook by sipping on a coffee and having a “charming egg”.

No longer will one need to be on a waiting list, no more pleading or bribing necessary.  All products come from the market, everything is prepared the day, in an atmosphere that celebrates life and the pleasure of being together!

This project has taken shape thanks to Olivier Baussan, the creator of Première Pression Provence (www.ppp-olive.com), and who gave his trust and support to Miss Lunch to make this place an experimental, creative and original space. Chez Miss Lunch, it is in her spirit, thrilled by a generous sun beam that offers some of the best olive oils!
A kind of artist in residence with a new Menu by week ! Miss Lunch also give fun and unique cooking classes or guided culinary visits & market tours.

Miss Lunch is in the Guide The Fooding since 2013 !

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