Un déjeuner autrement à Paris – Another way of having lunch in Paris

Le restaurant rue Antoine Vollon (75012) est fermé mais retrouvez Miss Lunch sur son stand Babbaluscio du marché Beauvau / Aligre !

Ceramic works

These ceramics works are limited editions by Miss Lunch.

The ceramic tables will add an elegant touch to your hors-d’œuvre and glass of wine. Andiammo! and Whisquette! tables measure: height 46cm, width 22cm and length 31cm

The chile shaker lady sisters are part of a limited series Miss Lunch created in earthenware. She comes with a supply of crushed chile pepper, measures about 23 cm in height and is a joy to shake!

Cost: 200 euros (does not include shipping). Each chile shaker will be numbered by the artist.

Get her while she’s hot!

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