Un déjeuner autrement à Paris – Another way of having lunch in Paris

Le restaurant rue Antoine Vollon (75012) est fermé mais retrouvez Miss Lunch sur son stand Babbaluscio du marché Beauvau / Aligre !

They speak about Miss Lunch

To speak of Miss Lunch always comes like a double bonus. The first being that one would have already had the experience of a lunch (in the Loft) or a lunch at PPP, of a guided market visit of one of her cooking lessons. The second being that Miss Lunch lends herself with delectation and simplicity to this exercise.

Since the start of 2012, the year has been quite promissing for Miss Lunch. On the press and communication side, ther have been articles in M Magazine (Le Monde), ELLE and ELLE à table, in Le Parisien (twice, thanks so much Nicolas!), a documentary on the Lunch in the Loft in Sept à Huit, TF1 Channel and all the sweet articles written by her favourite bloggers: Alexandre and his excellent United States of Paris , Soum la Parigina from Sous le Ciel de Paris, Lucie from blog PPP, Greg from Bienvenue à ma table, and not to forget, Sweet Paris….

'L'œuf charmant' de Miss Lunch - ELLE, 6 avril 2012

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