Un déjeuner autrement à Paris – Another way of having lunch in Paris

Miss Lunch dans Le Fooding 2014 - Lunch in the Loft : 4 mai & 13 juillet / Reservations ouvertes / Reservation open -cf Agenda-Dates

The menu of the week @PPP

Miss Lunch @PPP is all about menus without hang ups, simple but  sophisticated, original and reasonably priced. Thanks to being located near the Aligre market, where Miss Lunch spends a lot of time chatting and tasting the products of her friends and accomplices of the market, the market vendros themselves, always generous in offering advice.


Menu Wednesday 23 to  Saturday 26 April 2014
Pure brocoli purée & egg cocotte OU Red lentil pâté
Smoked trout fillet from Denmark, tropical salad-avocado, papaya, grapefruit. ginger dressing OR Lemon chicken & barberry rice (Zereshk) with saffron
-  Rice milk & coconut milk tapioca OR Ginger infused crème brulée

Formula for lunch (Wednesady to Saturday) : 15 euros : Starter + Main OR Main + Dessert
Dinner (Thursday & Friday): Starter 5,5 euros – Main 12 euros – Dessert 5,50 euros

The menu changes every week and proposes two entrees, two mains and two desserts. Wine by the glass or by the bottle, Prosecco, fennel flavoured water or fresh fruit juice. Lunch at Miss Lunch @PPP is always a bubble of poetry and a discovery of new tastes and flavours.

The weekly menu may also include PPP products - Première Pression Provence – for sale, or to try on location dolled up by Miss Lunch - there are for example delicious terrines and sardines!


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